Rules & Regulations

Rules and regulations play an important role in all the human relationship. They art the directions and guiding on and all . They help us to discriminate between what one should do and one should not do. Institution plays an important role in the formation of habits, attitudes, ideas nurture, promote decency, courtesy, confidence and freedom in the young child in order to become useful man / member of society. Institution believe in infusing a sense of discipline in the students without letting them feel and does it upon their natural traits.

  • If a student is found weak in the tests (teminals / monthly or annual examination). The college can detain the student.
  • Continuation of the students for the next term depends solely with the Institution authorities which may recommend promotion to the next class on retention in the same class. After evaluation his/her academic performance and couduct of the student during the term.
  • Parents have to pay any damages done by their ward(s) in the Institution campus.
  • The interpretion of any rule as well as amendment too the same is the right of management committee of the Institution and their interpretation shall be final and binding on parents and students.
  • Management committee may amend any rule during an academic session without any notice to the parents.
  • Parents as well as ward are liable to be fined in case of violaton of terms & condition, rules & regulation formed by the Institution autority.
  • Parents are requested to attend all kind of meeting,(PTA, Teachers Meeting, Management Meeting). Whenever the Institution authority invites and called them.
  • Only registered nominees / guardians can take their ward for outing / holidays leave and ward will not be allowed to leave the Institution campus o any ground without any person.
  • When the fees of a student are due and the same are not cleared within a period of 15 days the Institution authority shall be at liberty to struck of his / her name from the Institution scholar register without issuing any kind of notice.
  • Institution autorities may exercise their right to terminate any student under following circumstances. If the parents of or ward are failing to pay their necessary for within a specified duration.
  • Withdrawl / Seat Retention If a child is withdrawn from Institution at any time the following rules apply. Notice of withdrawl must be given 30days before the term start else fine of Rs.500/- will be charged for a shorter notice period.
  • Visiting,meetingtime: Parents / Guardians may meet their ward only on Last Saturday of the month after evening tea and may ask for one day exact.